Thursday, August 06, 2009

Forsake not the addition of supplements to your weight loss efforts

Diet and exercise are important for weight loss but I ask you this, "Is it working for Americans?" From where I sit on my park bench as people walk by, it looks pretty grim. Exercise can give you energy but are you going to be doing much exercising if you have no energy to begin with? Let's take a look at how supplementing can help.

Because of the way vegetables and fruits are grown during the last century, soils are almost completely depleted of important nutrients that your body needs. The fact that you have a weight problem, at all, may be directly or at least partially related to nutritional deficiencies.

Think about it. How many times have you felt hungry shortly after a meal? Could it be that your brain is saying, "Hey, I didn't get those minerals I needed so eat some more."? And when that happens, you and I both know what happens next ...we stuff some junk food straight into our mouths. "A little won't hurt" we tell ourselves. Not often do we opt for a carrot or a light salad made with dark green vegetables, do we? If you do, and if you still have the urge to eat, then it could be that the vegetables did not contain the necessary nutrients.

On the other hand, when you consume a well-rounded regime of supplements, your brain is not as likely to call for you to eat more food after you have already eaten. Don't expect it to work overnight although, in some cases, it may do that. Generally, it has taken years to get to where you are now so allow a few weeks for the nutrients to 'kick in'.

An added benefit of supplements may be that you begin to feel more upbeat and more energetic. When we are mentally upbeat, we are more likely to be thinking about the things we want to accomplish than about eating. Also when you are more upbeat, you should find it easier to resist the call from your brain to eat. This soon should happen less and less. So remember the supplements!

Which types of supplements should I be taking?

First, a quality multiple vitamin and mineral supplement high in B vitamins is a good start. There usually are not a lot minerals in these supplements and even when you see them listed on the bottle, the doses are often minimal and inadequate, so to get the minerals you need, you may want to add a quality multiple mineral supplement to the multi vitamin and mineral supplement.

Natural food supplements are also an excellent way of getting the minerals and vitamins your body needs. By food supplements, I am talking about kelp, dulse, multi-greens powders or capsules. Grains are ok up to a point but remember when a farmer wants to fatten an animal, he puts the animal in a barn where it is inactive and feeds it grains. Grains and nuts are health-giving but go easy on them. Go more for the greens.

Most multiple formulas are synthetically made but that is not necessarily all that bad, if at all. Recently you may have read articles that these supplements may not be good for you.
This, in my opinion, is a ploy of the drug companies who are doing all they can to keep you from taking supplements. They say things like, "Studies show....." but they don't give you any information about the studies so that you could look them up yourself. Why are they hiding the studies? Are the studies so fraught with corrupt science that even a novice could tell how poorly they were done? Why do you think they don't want you taking supplements? Do they want you to die? No, because dead people don't make good customers. Do they want you to get sick? Yes! They want you to be sick as long as possible. They don't want you taking supplements because THEY WORK and often keep you from sicknesses!

Supplements not only work for your body's health but also for your brain's health, too. Drug companies don't want you to know that because their plan is get as many people on their psychiatric drugs as possible. The side effects of many of these drugs make the user suicidal and even homicidal! The students involved in the school shootings were all on psychiatric drugs. The woman who drowned all of her children in the bathtub was on psychiatric drugs. These people did not have a drug deficiency; they had a nutritional deficiency. They should never have been on drugs in the first place; they should have been taking extra supplements probably for life but at least until their mental conditions stabilized.

When you improve your physical and mental health, often weight loss follows.

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