Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fasting and Few Thoughts

Why does someone feel a sense of calm during fasting? My fasting begins right from the moment i go to bed and doesn't end until the midnight of the next day. I did my fasting today and felt an inner sense of calm and joy; I had also added some bellow-breathing exercises in between for 15 mins. My energy level was pretty high however i was very calm! Have anyone of you felt that when you've been fasting? I'd be glad to hear some views from some you guys who've had done fasting and had expierence any significant changes physically, emotionally or mentally!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hypoglycemia and Alcohol

Hypoglycemia is a condition when there is low amount of sugar in the blood. When you drink alcohol, the high amount of sugar in the alcohol raises the blood sugar level initially but then to counteract the effect of high blood sugar level insulin kicks in to lower the blood sugar level.

That's why when you've initially drunk the alcohol you will feel lifted and spirited up however when the high blood sugar level goes down to the lower blood sugar level, one will start to feel depressed, anxious and angry. Peroidic alcohol drinking can impair your brain physiological functions and is one of the cause for different degenrative diseases.

Likewise, if people's diet consist of junk foods and processed foods, their blood sugar levels can swing highly which can make a person go on road rage, attack people and be suicidal and homicidal.

Your behaviour can be transformed through your changes in your diet. Cut down on sugary, fried and fat foods and stick to a clean and healthy diet. As a result , your body will function at it's peak due to the necessary amount of nutrition available in your body to function at it's optimum level.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Breast Pain Symptoms and Causes

Are you currently affected by breast discomfort or pain? Have you observed that the ache seems to be extra important or only present in 1 breast? Are you curious to know what could possibly be the result in of breast discomfort in one particular breast? The causes can fluctuate, but while in the following paragraphs three potential causes are discussed. You could have a breast infection
One bring about of breast discomfort in one particular breast might be on account of a doable breast infection. In this case the problem is referred to as mastitis. Mastitis is really a issue that happens when the skin from the breasts becomes broken. Damaged skin will permit bacterial, viral and fungal microbes to gain access to vulnerable breast tissue. Consequently the body fat contained within the breasts can come to be infected. What breast infection leads to A breast infection may cause likely swelling and inflammation which will press against other tissues inside of your breast. When this transpires you can recognize pain and discomfort. Nearly all breast infections are said to be caused by bacteria.
A breast infection is readily treatable by means of antibiotic therapy. A lady could also try out above the counter medicines in an effort to control symptoms such as irritation. Sclerosing adenosis Sclerosing adenosis is often a condition identified to bring about pain and tenderness in only one breast. It is a condition that comes about because of uncommon growth of your breast lobules, which will be the glands responsible for creating and secreting milk. A lady affected by sclerosing adenosis will commence building growths of calcifications which will turn into uncomfortable lumps. When these lumps start out applying pressure to already vulnerable breast tissue, it can bring about tenderness and soreness.
The condition may be much more extreme in one particular breast then a different or it may not be present at all. The way to know for those who have sclerosing adenosis For those who have breast discomfort in one breast and you really feel it could be sclerosing adenosis then it could be readily discovered having a straightforward mammogram check for the duration of a schedule physical examination. Need to it be discovered you've a lump present in 1 or both breasts you’ll want to go to a tissue biopsy so that you can rule out other choices, just like breast cancer. You might have inflammatory breast cancer
One more cause you could be encountering breast ache in one particular breast can be as a consequence of inflammatory breast cancer, often known as IBC. Inflammatory breast cancer is an particularly unusual type of cancer that comes about when abnormal cell development cuts off typical lymph fluid circulation in the breasts. When this comes about it results in the creation of a warm, enlarged and inflamed breast. A lady suffering from inflammatory breast cancer could also practical experience other skin abnormalities just like wrinkling or dimpling.
A tissue biopsy can find out the situation and treatment is usually issued to slow down progression in the cancer or stop it altogether. While you can see there can be a number of causes of breast pain in one breast. A few of these causes are extra serious than other people.
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