Saturday, November 13, 2010

Human Mind Body Connection

It's been found that mind and body has a strong connection between each other. We can change the body internal processes from our mind. It's been proven through research that our base heart rate can go down significantly if we sit in a chair and let our mind relax. Other changes such as change in temperature and blood pressure can also be changed through the effect of mind. It has also been found out prolong mental stress can cause premature death. Mental stress causes to release neuro-chemicals that causes the body's immune defense to make a shift to cut down the stress, as a result the body's lack the immunity to fight against other host of infections/diseases which are already present in the body which could aggravate the person physical health and make him/her seriously ill. So, that only underscores the importance of mental health. It's not just the physical exercises but mental exercises should be incorporated too in your healthy lifestyle regimen. Incorporate your physical exercises with yoga and meditation for improved mental health.

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