Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hyaluronic Acid For Joints - Know Why You Should Take Hyaluronic Acid Before You Buy!

We all know that one area where scientific research receives maximum impetus is to figure out what goes on inside the body that triggers ageing and eventually death. One of the breakthrough discoveries has been the discovery of the hyaluronic acid. It is the single most effective fluid synthesized by the body itself that can delay aging and even prevent wrinkles to appear on any part of the body! So, tata Botox and welcome hyaluronic acid! It is completely natural and seldom is anything more effective in treating joints, skin and eyes and keeping them in the pink of their health.
The Discovery of the Hyaluronic Acid
It was discovered accidentally like most of the discoveries when studies were on to prevent the drying up of synovial fluids. Eventually what was discovered became a part of premium cosmetic brands and their products. Even when used externally, hyaluronic acid could actually fight off wrinkles and thus rendering the skin as smooth as it was when you were younger! Many trials and tests were carried on to test the effectiveness of the acid on human body when administered externally and the results were quite encouraging.
For a start, repeated tests with the hyaluronic acid showed that young people are more likely to absorb the acid when administered externally than elder people whose bodies could not absorb the additive completely. Still, doses of hyaluronic acid showed improved skin and joint health in older people. Oldies have now a reason to celebrate because it is being developed as such that could replace the costly joint lubricating injections are totally done away with! What's more, now people could more naturally heal their skin and prevent further natural damage to the structure of the same.
The Skin, the Eyes and the Joints
Our skin is held taught by collagen and fibrous tissues; a small amount of fat also helps bring the natural shine in the skin. As we grow older, these fibrous tissues receive less lubricating fluids that could other keep them in good shape; the hyaluronic acid being one of the lubricating and nutritional agents.
Our eyes too, rotate in a socket and are held in place by the ocular muscles and kept lubricated when we blink by 'applying' secretions from the tear glands located just above the eye (in sacs). What started out as a find in the joints, was also responsible to keep the tear glands active and wetting the eye uniformly every time we blinked; the hyaluronic acid though is not all that active in the ocular system. Nevertheless its presence only improved vision and delayed loss of vision as it happens when we grow old and the lens, sort of hardens.
The most prominent and the best effect of the hyaluronic acid was found in the joints and also in prevention of osteoporosis due to calcium loss. Naturally, if one's joints are in order, they will be able to move freely and thus preventing the 'natural jamming' of the joints that comes with age.

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